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Avante is committed to giving back to those looking to move forward no matter the challenge

Supporting Caylen Venter's fight against cancer


Like all rugby loving kids in South Africa, 12 year old Caylen Venter dreams of playing for the Springboks.


On the verge of starting his high school career which is naturally a vital part of fulfilling this dream, Caylen experienced a nagging knee pain that persisted for a couple weeks. Initially thinking it was nothing more than just a knock from the field, x-rays revealed something far more serious unfortunately. 


A radiologist confirmed it was in fact a tumour on Caylen's left femur behind the knee, which meant he had to be rushed into hospital for further scans. These further scans suggested that Caylin had Ewing Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that occurs in the bones or soft tissue around the bones. A devastating piece of news made worse by spots also found on the left hip and left lung.


After the initial biopsy it went from bad to worse for Caylen who could not walk on his leg and needed crutches. It was confirmed that he had stage 4 osteosarcoma. It all happened so fast, and due to the severity of the diagnosis treatment was scheduled almost immediately.


Naturally the reality of all of this weighed heavily on young Caylin with the possibility of amputation being a likely course of action. But despite all of this, he was brave enough to ask that the doctors do everything that was possible to save his leg so he could hold onto his rugby playing dreams. For this to happen he has since been enduring the rigours and hardship of waves of chemotherapy meaning he has been spending weeks in hospital.


This has taken severe physical and mental strain on him in the last few months, and with that the financial strain on the family in general is taking its toll too. This is something that a family never thinks to prepare for, let alone budgeting for. 


The Venter family as a result have had to turn to raise funds to try and fight this challenge as best they can. Something that the Avante team supports wholeheartedly.


Proceeds of sales will go to this cause, but if you would like to make an additional impact in your personal capacity, please consider making a donation on the link below:

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